What is h1bwage.com?
h1bwage.com is the online wage library for h1b prevailing wage determinations, and the disclosure databases for other programs.

What we offered?
You can browse or seearch the Wage Data based on job title or employer name. You can also use the category to casually browse through the employer listings.

Data on This Site

The lists contained in H1bwage's search results, or linked from those results, have been collected by The U.S. Department of Labor under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Our search results are indexed in an automated manner and h1bwage.com does not screen the lists. H1bwage.com assumes no responsibility for the content of any wage listing or website that is either included in h1bwage's search results or linked to by h1bwage.com.

Privacy Policy
It has been our long-standing policy to respect the privacy of our subscribers, customers, and website users. We have not, and will not, provide our subscriber lists and information to other companies, nor will we use your information in any manor deemed as spam .
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